Gregory Bender

About my wiring harnesses


I started down a slippery slope when I decided to make my own wiring harnesses for a customer's project. It all started out because the wiring harness that came with his V700 was 25 pounds worth of a black wire mess. Nothing was original and nothing was salvageable. Rather than cobble something together using non-standard colors and terminals without strain relief, I decided I would do it properly. I soon realized that there are far more main harnesses, sub-harnesses, and variations than I originally anticipated, AND, determining the correct gauge, color, length, and terminals to use was a lengthy, painstaking process.

What I ended up with is the knowledge, tools, and supplies to create every possible main and sub-harness for Moto Guzzi loop frames (and I'm now starting on the early Moto Guzzi Tonti frames). Except where noted, each is a replication of the original Moto Guzzi wiring harness. I use the same gauge of wire, the same colors and tracers (stripes), the same length and sheathing, the same terminals, etc. All terminals are of the double crimp, strain relief variety.

Pricing: Main harnesses and sub-harnesses are priced individually.

Custom harnesses: Have you replaced your original fuse box or ignition switch with an aftermarket version that uses spade terminals? Perhaps you have an aftermarket handlebar switch and you would like to use factory colors? Just let me know and I am happy to help. Typically no extra charge!

Shipping: Within the United States, shipping is via USPS Priority Mail (First Class Mail for light weight items). Only actual postage cost is charged, typically around USD $12.35 or less (I use flat rate boxes when that is the most cost effective solution). Outside of the United States, shipping is via the United States Postal Service using the most economical means available. Charges and delivery times vary from country to country but I post as affordable as possible.

Ordering: There is a lot to pick and choose from here and I'm more than happy to help you figure out what you need. Please feel free to give me a call (480-361-7275) or email: I'll work with you to determine what you want and need, I'll give you a written estimate beforehand, and I'll build your harness specifically to suit your requirements. You can pay me by personal check (preferred for customers within the USA), money order, cashiers check, or PayPal (preferred for customers outside of the USA).