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Nice things customers have written about my wiring harnesses.

Dan Kellaway's nicely restored Ambassador, including a replacement wire harness that I built for him (complete with relay solution).
Dan Kellaway's nicely restored Ambassador, including a replacement wire harness that I built for him (complete with relay solution).

Photo courtesy of Dan Kellaway.

I built the wiring harness for this 850 T, which Jason Delacroix has transformed into a very nice V7 Sport tribute.
I built the wiring harness for this 850 T, which Jason Delacroix has transformed into a very nice V7 Sport tribute.

Photo courtesy of Jason Delacroix.

Nate Uecker created this very special Ambassador with side car, using a relay solution I built for him.
Nate Uecker created this very special Ambassador with side car, using a relay solution I built for him.

Photo courtesy of Nate Uecker.

Sam Manzella restored this late V1000 G5, including a complete wire harness I built for him.
Sam Manzella restored this late V1000 G5, including a complete wire harness I built for him.

Photo courtesy of Sam Manzella.

Cliff Drevermann restored this 750 S3, including a complete wire harness I built for him.
Cliff Drevermann restored this 750 S3, including a complete wire harness I built for him.

Photo courtesy of Cliff Drevermann.

A customer from Ohio:

In a world where I am finding purchased items to get cheaper, shorter, smaller, less content, substandard materials, boxes 75% filled, etc., etc., you have done the incredible: produced a product of the highest quality that may be even better than the original. Thank you.

Norbert Kunz from Switzerland

My Moto Guzzi works perfectly again. I'm so happy! Suddenly the engine stopped and I did not know what was going on. I suspected a defective cable or something on the electrical system. But what exactly? I'm not a mechanic. I decided to replace all electrical components and all cables. Luckily I found your website and ordered all cables I needed an all I did not know :-). Thanks to the wiring diagrams and the instructions on your website I could replace the new wiring on my own. Well, I went several times frustrated out of the garage, but never give up! Even this case is described on your website. I finally succeeded. I am very proud. Thanks for your great work. The cables were all perfectly prepared and labeled. Somebody have a similar project I will recommend you, for sure.

Norbert Kunz initial system check

Norbert Kunz first start up

Norbert Kunz first ride

A customer from Texas:

Most excellent!

EVERYTHING WORKS! .......the first time.

Very good instructions and wiring components quality. I've rewired other vintage bikes but none are as complex as the Eldo police. Definitely made an otherwise daunting task easy. The relay solution is stone reliable, safe and ingenious.

Thanks for your tutelage along the way.

A customer from New Jersey:

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the wiring harness. I took care of the main harness and the complete dash and the quality is second to none. Electric is my least favorite thing to mess with in bikes, (not that it's terribly difficult, I think moreso because it's an application I understand least about) but the clarity and quality of your work gave me no anxiety whatsoever. I could've salvaged my original wiring and made my own stuff for the missing pieces, but I'm glad I didn't. I'm sure whoever ends up buying this bike when it's done will appreciate it too. Thanks again.

A customer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Just received my wiring harness. You can say I'm one very satisfied customer, I'm very impressed with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail.

This will make my restoration project so much easier.

Thanks again.

A customer from Australia:

Thank you Gregory. The harness is spectacular, far better than I expected.

A customer from Georgia:

Your wiring harnesses are of an addictive quality.

A customer from Montana:

When I started this rebuild it was obvious that neglect and some misguided soul had seriously damaged the wiring. I wasn't looking forward to sorting out the various problems and rewiring. When I found your website and perused your products a big smile popped up on my face, yes! possible salvation! Now that I'm working through the Guzzi wiring diagram and simply plugging things in I couldn't be more pleased with your wiring harnesses, they are great and have made this project even more fun. Thanks.

A customer from Sweden:

The harnesses arrived yesterday, fantastic! I must say that they look brilliant, most impressed with your work. My electrician liked them too.

It will be a pleasure to put them on my Guzzi. If my memory still works I'll send you a picture when it's done.

Many thanks and a Happy Easter

An installer from New Zealand:

Thank you Gregory

A pleasure to deal with you!!

You make a great product.

A customer from California:

I just want to thank you for the exceptional service and product you shipped. I was amazed at the quality of the work and the speed in which it was done. Thank you!

A customer from Canada

Good Morning Gregory,

I have received my order in fine fettle. Thank you again for the cheery correspondence and prompt service/delivery. Definitely a standout in this day and age, top shelf! This, and the last harness I received from you, should do me for some time but you never know. There may be an old loop out there yet with my name on it. Always looking...

I see you have added some helpful wiring instructions recently. Though I had little trouble mounting my last harness I'll have a read through, I can't ever have too much help/advice. Thoughtful touch, thanks.

Cheers, and have a great riding season

A customer from Oklahoma:

Greg another perfect harness, my third. Thanks so much for your help on this project. Everything works as it should. I am sure we will work together again in the future.

A customer from Pennsylvania:

Just got the harness in the mail this morning. What a beaut! Thanks so much. Will be starting the dismantling process tonight! I'll let you know how the install goes.

A professional customer from Colorado:

Thanks for the lightening fast build on the harness. Just awesome.

A few days later...

Thanks for the very excellent work on the wiring harness. Just beautiful work. We are underway on the install now.

A customer from Sweden


You are THE man!

This is not the fiist time I've switched a main harness on a bike.

This time it was different - just plug'n play.

When I was done and turned the key - it all worked as intended!

Thank's for making a high quality harness. You saved my bike and myself a lot of trouble.

A customer from Massachusetts:

Received everything for the spotlight relay kit the other day, it looks great. I can't thank you enough. I will be back in touch with any questions.

A customer from United Kingdom:

Just to let you know the loom arrived today, fits perfectly and cures the issue I was having with a dodgy charging light.

Can I say what great service and if I wasn't so far away I would happily let you use my bike as a pattern to build a complete loom!!!!!

I may well use you again and will recommend you to all my friends.

A customer from Australia:

All arrived safe and sound. Everything looks great and is high quality work indeed. Thank you very much.

Now, the fun part begins...

A customer from Maryland:


Never been as excited over a pile of wires. You do nice work.

A customer from Australia:

I started the bike today...IT STARTED...IT RAN...NO ELECTTRICAL SMOKE......loose banjos on the carbs and a few drips...and the tacho behaved as it should.........VERY VERY VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A customer from Florida:

I finally got a chance to look over the harness and I am extremely pleased! I can't wait to install it. The quality and attention to detail (individual labels and packaging) are exemplary! I really appreciate that, for I clean, wrap and label all hardware and small parts when I do a tear down for restoration. Nice and neat and I don't have to remember where anything goes, not that I could anyhow! Tons of photos and notes along the way, too. I can tell we think the same; if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right!

Paul Davis restored his lovely 1972 Moto Guzzi Eldorado, complete with my wiring harnesses.
Paul Davis restored his lovely 1972 Moto Guzzi Eldorado, complete with my wiring harnesses.

Photo courtesy of Paul Davis.

A customer from Canada:

I received the side stand wiring harness et al and could not be happier. Thanks for an excellent product. You do nice work!

A customer from Pennsylvania:

Got the harness an other bits today. As always your work is top shelf.

Thank you for producing such great products.

A customer from Norway:

Just recived your wiring loom kit! It looks super!!!! Thank you so much for helping me out with this!

A customer from Thailand:

I received the wiring harness etc and just wanted to let you know that I'm really impressed with the quality, attention to detail and organisation of parts. Your work is so much better than the previous products I purchased...

Thanks very much for taking the time to do this, I really appreciate it. It will make installing it so much easier.

I'm going to spend the xmas new year period doing the wiring. I'll follow your instructions from the site.

Thanks again and have a great xmas and new year.

A customer from New Zealand:

All arrived today safe and sound - no trouble with customs etc.

A customer from England:

I wanted to thank you also for the great quality of your work and patience. The looms are being installed today and the mechanic voluntarily said Best loom he's ever seen so thank you.

Looking forward to firing up the Le Mans soon.

A customer from Germany:

Outstanding work - looks really good. Nothing like I could create on my own. Also the wiring harness sold over here for the V7 Special is not comparable to yours - it is much more simple, the connectors are the cheapest you can get and not the strain relief ones. Once again, thanks for the fast transaction ; - )

David Boocock restored his 850 Le Mans (series 2). I provided the wiring for him.
David Boocock restored his 850 Le Mans (series 2). I provided the wiring for him.

Photo courtesy of David Boocock.

A customer from Oregon:

Pat mentioned my harness in this great Cotter Pin blog post. (download a giant image of the entire blog post)

A customer from Australia:

I received the wiring looms yesterday afternoon and they look fantastic!!! I'm looking forward to fitting mine to my bike, I going to wait till I have a free weekend to do it so I have no distractions.

Thanks again for your help.

More from this customer after installation:

Just like to say a big thank you! The wiring loom is now fitted and all works perfectly. I was a bit overwhelmed when I saw all the cables that had to be fitted but you are right when you say, you only make one connection at a time. Will definitely recommend your wiring looms to everyone.

A customer from Ohio:

I got the package today. All I can say is WOW! I am impressed with your attention to detail and quality work. I can't wait to get started.

A customer from Texas posted this on the Adventure Rider forum:

The wiring harnesses I installed were from Greg Bender.

They are very high quality and easy to install using his instructions and he will make any mods you can think up.

The only thing better than his harnesses is his customer service!!!!!

His website is a Wealth of Moto Guzzi information...

Gary Kloss won the VJMC Judges Choice AMCA Award for his 1970 Moto Guzzi Ambassador. An excerpt from the article published in the The Antique Motorcycle, Volume 54, Number 2:
					Highlighting what he refers to as the bike's agrarian utility is the name of the Moto Guzzi restoration outfit where he bought his wiring!

Gary Kloss won the VJMC Judges Choice AMCA Award for his 1970 Moto Guzzi Ambassador. An excerpt from the article published in the The Antique Motorcycle, Volume 54, Number 2:

Highlighting what he refers to as the bike's agrarian utility is the name of the Moto Guzzi restoration outfit where he bought his wiring!

Photo courtesy of The Antique Motorcycle.

A customer from France:

Hello, I'm so happy, I received the harness, its very good work !!!


A customer from Okalahoma

Greg just wanted to says thanks for the great harness and the technical help. Except for a couple of self inflicted hiccups the installation went great. I have always shied away from electrical work on bikes but your instructions were easy to understand and the quality was excellent. I live on your website when I am working on my bikes and you probably don't know how many people you have helped. Again thanks and if anyone ever thinks they can't rewire a Guzzi have them give me a call. Believe me if I can do it anyone can.

A customer from Kansas:

I opened the mailing box today and took a look at the wiring harnesses. I am very pleased, your work is beautiful. There'll be happy electrons running those paths.

A series of nice posts regarding my wiring harnesses from the Yahoo! Loopframe_Guzzi news group.

Mark Etheridge of Moto Guzzi Classics posted:

Absolutely FANTASTIC. Just got done installing his, He went to great trouble to do it right and complete. I thought I got special treatment cause of all the switches, button, and grommets. Best money spent and saved me countless hours, could not be better unless he included installation. Said I got no special treatment. Mark, Moto Guzzi Classics

Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle posted:

Agreed. I've installed at least six of his harnesses now and every one was fantastic.


Lance Plassio posted:

I would not hesitate to buy another Harness from Greg. He is a great guy to deal with as well.

Michael J. Mehall posted:

Another loud declaration of endorsement. Greg's product and help have been wonderful!!!


Michael M.

Shaun Laughy posted:

Another solid endorsement of Gregory's work. Fantastic quality, great support, great guy. We're fortunate to have him as part of our community!


Joel Park posted:

Word up on that.

Kim Schick posted:

The only way to go, IMHO...

A customer from North Carolina:

I hope all is well with you. Quick note to let you know tht I have installed the main and all sub harnesses except for one. Absolutely fantastic instructions and workmanship on the harnesses.

A customer from Canada:

The wire harness kit arrived the other day, fantastic workmanship and attention to detail, exceeds all my expectations. Thanks!

A customer from California who installed my relay kit:

Finished the harness routing yesterday. Easier than pie. Works perfectly!! Took the bike to a mechanic today for fluids change (found tiny flecks of chrome in the sump). Didn't tell him about the wiring. When he started it up for a test ride, he remarked Are there relays in this thing? I've never seen a headlight on a Guzzi so bright!. Another testament to your skill (and, incidentally, his)...

Rob James from Arizona:

Greg Bender's Cal II main wire harness is what Guzzi would have put in originally had they his skill and technology!

A customer from Maryland:

Just wanted to thank you for all your help and input. I got the wiring finished last Friday, tested on Saturday morning, and was riding the rest of the weekend. Pretty rewarding to work on a project...and then get to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

A customer from California:

I must say after pulling the harness out for the first tine and looking at it all, You are a master! That thing is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Kim Schick from Wisconsin:

Just received the package and it looks great!

Can't wait to start installing this Saturday (with patience)... ;>

About a week later Kim writes:

Your Plug-N-Play Wiring Harness and Relay Kit fit like a glove and works like a charm.

Excellent quality workmanship too!

Wish I had one of your kits when we did the Eldorado Police rebuild

A customer from Canada:

Got home yesterday and checked out your harnesses. They look fantastic. I hope to take a crack at the relay harness today or tomorrow.

Later, the same customer writes:

All of your wiring went on my Eldorado with no issues. Excellent workmanship!

A customer from California:


Thanks Greg. I'll let you know if any issues come up installing. I doubt there will be any though.

A customer from Minnesota:

Your wiring harness is the nicest I have seen

A customer from Canada:

Everything is now routed acceptably (if not perfectly), and I am happy to report that EVERYTHING seems to work flawlessly! I haven't had the opportunity to test ignition and charging yet, but have every confidence that they will work fine, as well.

All of this is due to the fantastic work that you did on my harness. Absolutely top quality in both materials and workmanship – you are truly a craftsman!

A customer from Minnesota:

I cannot compliment you enough on your products, and the information you provide. Excellent work

A customer from California:

I received the complete harness yesterday & was impressed with all that was included with the kit. I was thrilled. I have not compared to what all I have but I am pleased with the quality of the materials. I thought I was just receiving the main harness but it seems your kit includes it all on first inspection. You even included a Start button.. Looking forward to the installation of the harness onto my bike.

A customer from California:

...your online instructions made all the difference last night. I got most of the main routed and connected in just a couple of hours. You could probably do the whole bike in a couple hours, but you know how it goes, I had the regulator upside down and some tabs and posts had been painted over. So a lot of little stuff slows you down. But compared to the progress I have made on the bike in the last 7 years, things are now going at light speed!

A customer from California:

Pretty much done with wiring after last night. Your harnesses plus the online instructions is exactly what I needed to get it done. I seriously considered selling it as an unfinished project prior to discovering your offering. THANKS AGAIN!!!

A customer from the United Kingdom:

The wiring loom just arrived! No problems with import duties.

Very pleased with the quality, and the timing of its arrival is perfect, the rest of the bike is coming together and this week I'll be ready to connect things up.

Many thanks.

A customer from Virginia:

After burning up three generators, I decided to buy a set of wiring harnesses from Greg Bender to replace every wire that had anything to do with the charging system. Greg makes excellent harnesses [snip]. And of course the thisoldtractor site tells you everything you need to know about installation - priceless.

A customer from North Carolina:

Greg, have rewired bike, took it for ride. Works perfect. I have to tell you, your wiring is some of the best I have seen. It was actually fun to use.

A customer from California:

Hi Greg, just got back from a ride on my Guzzi, & it runs great. Your wiring harness was the best, & the installation was no problem. Thanks

A customer from Massachusetts:

Wonderful! Very nice indeed.

A customer from Wisconsin:

Just wanted to say what a nice harness set up you made. You're very talented. DC wiring is not my strong point. Just about done. You made it easy.

Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle:

Should have bought your harnesses for this shiny turd I'm working on right now instead of reusing the original harness. But the customer didn't want to spend the $$ on new, so he's paying me to patch up the old one. False economy...

A professional customer from Maryland:

Thanks! All of those little harnesses fit perfectly!

A customer from Michigan:

Thanks for being so fast with the harness.

A customer from Minnesota:

I cannot say enough for what you have supplied [it] is the nicest I have seen.

A customer from Virginia:

Just wanted to let you know that I finally got a chance to start rewiring the Eldo and your harnesses are excellent. I've printed out a diagram and some photos from your web site and stuck them on a wall in my shop for reference.

A customer from Canada:

Your wiring instructions are absolutely fantastic.

A customer from Ohio:

Thanks so much for supplying such a nice kit and helping me with the installation.

By the way, one of our CNC servicemen stopped by to check out the installation. He was hugely impressed with the quality of the components, especially the wiring and connectors. He commented: I wish we had instructions this good when we have to install options on $250,000.00 machines...

A customer from Minnesota:

I simply want to say thanks for a great wiring harness, with your relay system and your suggestion of Scrambler cycles alternator conversion.

I no longer have bugs on my headlight, they get fried before they get there. Yep, I'm overstating that a bit!

This harness is so clean and well made! I cannot believe you can sell it for such a low price!

Thanks again for all the support during this project!

A customer from Wisconsin:

Thanks for the quick service and quality work. Looks original but much better!

A customer from Canada:

Received Harness today beautiful and great fast service

A customer from Canada:

...this is excellent work. Thank you very much again

A customer from Wisconsin:

Got the harness today. Looks great!!!! I can even bend it and it doesn't crack

A customer from Australia:

Nice work! You really take good care with terminals etc etc etc. May I say a wiring harness you can have confidence in ;-). Cheers!

A customer from Germany:

I have to say, you made an awesome job. Far better than I would have achieved it. Thanks a lot.

A customer from California:

I just received it. It looks great. I can't wait to install it. Thanks again.

A customer from Ohio:

No need to reple Greg but I finally felt well enough to open the package. BEAUTIFUL