courtesy of Jens Lyck


Service - what and when.

The chart below shows how I service my own bike. My service chart is a mix of the factory's directions and my own experiences. I drive approx. 10.000 km's a year.

Service Interval Comments
Change engine oil 3000 km Agip 10-40
Change oil filter 6000 km Because its external on my bike - if it vas internal as with the standard setup, I guess I would only change it once a year.
Change gear oil Once a year 80/90
Change bevel box oil Once a year 230mL 80/90 oil + 20mL Molycote. The thread in the level plug hole in the bevel box is VERY easily destroyed. Leave it in place, and pour in the correct quantity from a measuring cup.
Adjust valve clearance 6000 km .
Syncing carbs 6000 km My bike has a special setup with very short carb cables that keeps in sync for a long time. For a standard bike with the long cables I guess I would synchronize the carbs every 3000 km.
Clean Air filters (K&N) Once a year I have no idea about service interval for original filters. Check the manual.
Empty float chambers 3000 km Especially important if you are driving with velocity stacks og K&N type filters.
Adjust ignition - No need with electronic ignition, with the ordinary contact breaker ignition, I'll suggest a check for every 3000 km.
Change spark plugs Once a year .
Change fork oil Every 2 years Fork oil on a Moto Guzzi has no damping function, its only there for lubrication and for anti corrosion purpose. So it's not critical.
Water on the battery Once a year - or if the bike does not behave like its supposed to :-)

I always carry a small stock of the most common service parts to be free to decide when to service my bike:

  • Engine oil
  • Oil filters
  • Gearbox oil
  • Molykote for the bevel box
  • Valve cover gaskets
  • Gaskets for the oil sump
  • Spark plugs
  • Clutch cable
  • Gas cables
  • Rev counter cable