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Special tools - see why you'll need them.

On most occasions you can fix your Moto Guzzi with ordinary tools, but some parts of the engine do require special tools. They are available from the factory, but the general quality of these items wont make you cheer and sing.

Rolf Halvorsen from Norway manufactures and sell a collection of the most common special tools for bigblock Guzzi's, all made in a significant better quality than the original ones.

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You can buy the tools as a set, or just the one you need right now. Have a look at this chart to find out which one is for what task.

Believe it or not, Rolf is actually selling these tools on a none profit basis. That doesn't mean that they are cheap - quality rarely comes cheaply......

Rolf can be contacted by mail.

Rolf Johansen (also from Norway, but another Rolf) have written a very fine article about these tools and the use of them. Whether you plan to buy your tools in Norway or not, I advise you to read the article - its splendid reading.

English edition (442KB)

Norwegian edition (only for the chosen few) (447KB)

The article is in .pdf format, so you need "Adobe Acrobat Reader" to read it. (Free download from Adobe)

Special tools - Chart.

No: Price: Description Motor 5-speed Gearboxes 6-speed Gearboxes
  Individual prices in NOK/(EUR)/[USD] 100/(12,65)/[15,48]   Nut
Gear removal from crank
Rotor removal from alternator
Clutch centring Nut
Boss removal
Rear nut removal
Clutch centring 1-plate Clutch centring 2-plate Nut
Boss removal
Inside box
Inside box
1 600/(76)/[93]  KM5-nut 93601026  X             X    
2 750/(95)/[115]  Special-nut 93601022         X            
3 600/(76)/[93]  KM4-nut 93601020                   X  
4 600/(76)/[93]  KM3-nut 04055100                     X
5 75/(10)/[12] M8 long screw (Inside hex, 12.9)    X                
6 275/(35)/[45] 27mm long pipe 14219310           X          
7 300/(38)/[47] Clutch centring 5-speed boxes       X              
8 300/(38)/[47] Clutch centring 6-speed boxes           X X      
  Total individual: 3.500/(444)/[545]                      
  Total per set: 3.320/(420)/[515]