Gregory Bender

Brembo brake and clutch cross reference for BMW motorcycles

A cross reference by motorcycle brand of Brembo brake calipers, rotors, master cylinders, proportioning valves, and clutch master cylinders.



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ModelYearFront brake master cylinder
Clutch master cylinder
Rear brake master cylinder
Proportioning valve
Front brake caliper (right)Front brake caliper (left)Rear brake caliper
R65LS1982 to 1987--20.3681.1120.3682.21-
K75 (all non-ABS)1983 to 1989--20.3556.4120.3556.4020.4366.11
R80/41977 to 1981----20.3224.11
R801981 to 1985--20.4014.2120.4014.11-
R80 (all non-ABS)1987 to 1989--20.3556.4120.3556.40-
R80GS1981 to 1987--20.4014.21--
R80GS (non-ABS)1988 on--20.3456.61--
R80RT1983 to 1985--20.3456.60--
K100 (all non-ABS)1983 to 1989--20.3556.4120.3556.4020.4366.11
K1-K100RS 16V1989 on-10.4776.7020.4630.2020.4630.1020.4366.11
R100RS, RT&T1978 to 1980-10.3006.20--20.3224.11
R100CS, RS, RT1981 to 1983-10.4087.1020.4014.1120.4014.2120.3224.11
R100CS, RS, RT1984 to 1986-10.4087.1020.3556.4120.3556.4020.3224.11
R100CS, RS, RT1987 to 1991--20.3556.4120.3556.4020.4366.11