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General specifications for Dellorto SS carburetors

Detailed technical information regarding Dellorto motorcycle carburetors, how to tune Dellorto motorcycle carburetors, Dellorto parts diagrams, slide specifications, needle specifications, jet specifications, and atomizer specifications.



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This information was gleaned from Moto Italia and the Australian Internet Guzzi Owners Register.

Photo courtesy of Australian Internet Guzzi Owners Register.

Table A - Technical data

Carburetor type Choke adaptor diameter Throttle valve diameter Fitting
Clip Flange
SSI-C 18
31 Ø25.4
35 Ø28.6
F 50.8
SSI-B, SSFI-B 32 38 Ø36 F 50.8
SSI-B, SSFI-B 35 42 Ø39 F 55
SSI-B 36-38-40-42 48 Ø45 N/A

General features

Necessary data for a suitable carburetor supply

  1. Engine Make - displacement of each cylinder - 2 or 4 strokes - Number of cylinders.
  2. Compression Ratio and fuel used.
  3. Highest RPM and corresponding power.
  4. Inner Diameter of induction pipe tube. Induction valve diameter. Section size in millimeters of induction ports - Transfer and exhaust (only for 2 stroke engines).
  5. Carburetor connection Type to the head or to the cylinder (clip or flange fitting) and its sizes: outside diameter if clip fitting and stud bolt centers if flange fitting.
  6. Eventual Slant to which the carburetor will be subjected.
  7. If normal or remote Float Chamber wanted; top or bottom feed and banjo sizes for the connection to the fuel pipe.
  8. In case of normal float chamber, it is necessary to state if right or left is wanted, stating it by looking the carburetor body from the air tube side.
  9. Air tube wanted: if long or short one.

For the choice of the carburetor to set up on the different engines please see Table A.