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Carburetor rebuild kit

Suzuki DR350 motorcycles, 1990 - 1999.



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Mikuni TM33 SS pumper carburetor

Thanks to Mark Hoare for sending me this information in a private e-mail. Niche Cycle Supply sells a carburetor kit for the Mikuni TM33-8012. From Niche's eBay page:

Genuine Mikuni rebuild kit. Includes the following parts for the TM33-8012:

  • Top cover gasket
  • E-ring
  • E-ring shim
  • Spring, idle adjuster
  • needle valve assembly
  • screw, needle valve holder
  • O-ring, needle valve
  • filter, needle valve
  • O-ring, float bowl
  • screw, float bowl long
  • screw, float bowl short
  • O-ring, accel pump nozzle
  • plug, accel pump
  • pilot screw
  • spring, pilot screw
  • washer, pilot screw
  • O-ring, pilot screw
  • cap, accel pump plunger
  • O-ring, choke assembly

Applications: Mikuni TM33-8012 Carbs

Mikuni Part # MK-8012

Mikuni BST33 SS constant velocity carburetor

Thanks to Phil Young for sending me this information in a private e-mail.

Carb kit model number K-583 made by Keyster. Fits the following Suzuki models:

The kit is available from Sirius Consolidated Inc.