Gregory Bender

Petcock replacement

Suzuki DR350 motorcycles, 1990 - 1999.



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When I fit my Clarke tank, I decided to install a new petcock at the same time. My original petcock was functioning perfectly. But Suzuki doesn't sell a new gasket (without purchasing the complete petcock for USD $57.16). There are rebuild kits available, but they run USD $15.00 and up (more for the vacuum actuated petcocks used on the CV carburetors). Fortunately, I learned from a post over at the Maximum Suzuki forum that a petcock from a 2001 - 2005 Yamaha Raptor 660 fits and works perfectly. Yamaha used this petcock in many other applications, too. I purchased mine from as I found they had the lowest price (including shipping) at the time (cost delivered to my door was USD $24.67). I've used the Yamaha Raptor petcock now for ~80 hours without any trouble at all. It is a good, inexpensive solution.

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