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Seals used on the DR350

Suzuki DR350 motorcycles, 1990 - 1999.



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DescriptionSuzuki Part NumberIDODWidth
Kickstart shaftSPN# 09283-2004420 mm27 mm6 mm
Front wheel bearing (left side only)SPN# 09284-2200422 mm35 mm5 mm
Rear wheel bearing (right side)SPN# 09282-2600126 mm42 mm8 mm
Rear wheel bearing (left side)SPN# 09283-2601926 mm47 mm5 mm
Crankshaft oil seal (internal)SPN# 09282-1400314 mm24 mm6 mm
Decompression shaft oil sealSPN# 09282-1001410 mm17 mm6 mm
Valve stem oil sealSPN# 09289-050114.5 mm10 mm8 mm
Shift shaft oil seal where the clutch cable pulls on the lever to disengage the clutchSPN# 09285-1000410 mm17 mm5 mm
Countershaft sprocket oil sealSPN# 09283-2202522 mm34 mm7 mm
Shift shaft oil seal where the shift lever exits the left side of the engineSPN# 09285-1200612 mm22 mm9 mm
Rear brake pedal oil sealSPN# 09284-1500615 mm21 mm3 mm
Fork sealsSPN# 51153-14D00 mm mm mm
Swing arm oil sealSPN# 09285-2200122 mm29 mm4 mm
Swing armSPN# 09285-1700117 mm24 mm3 mm