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Suzuki DR350 motorcycles, 1990 - 1999.



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This information was gleaned from - G Man's Suzuki DR 350 Resources ( I am making it available here only because the website is no longer available.

Update (): I have significantly improved the image quality on all pages and enabled text searching capabilities - all while reducing the file size. In short, a nicer version of the original. Enjoy!

Update (): A few new pages and many bookmarks. Still text searchable and similar file size. I think you will find this to be the nicest version yet. Happy reading!

Update (): A brand new version featuring a complete re-scan of an official manual. Includes all pages (an entire section was previously missing). All contents pages have links that you can click/tap to navigate to the exact page. Still text searchable with many bookmarks. A real improvement over the previous version.