Gregory Bender

Powder coating - what to do, what not to do

Moto Guzzi V700, V7 Special, Ambassador, 850 GT, 850 GT California, Eldorado, and 850 California Police models


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Opinions vary widely on this issue. At the end of the day, do whatever you want. But, here is my advice. Powder coating is a wonderful process. It is very durable and lasts a long time. Powder coat is good for the following things:

There is a definite draw back to powder coating (beside the fact that you pretty much have to bake it or blast it off). I would NOT choose to do it on any of the sheet metal because it shows tiny scratches very easily. I'm not talking about scratches that go to the metal, but very light surface scuffs that come from washing, waxing, etc. I would go with regular paint for the sheet metal because you can always polish out those tiny scratches. My only exceptions to this rule are the seat pan, battery tray, and voltage regulator bracket. These pieces are rarely visible and highly susceptible to I choose to powder coat them.