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Shift linkage - foot pegs and a 4 speed transmission

Moto Guzzi V700, V7 Special, Ambassador, 850 GT, 850 GT California, Eldorado, and 850 California Police models



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Sloppy linkage fixes

The shift linkage on my 4 speed, left side shift transmission was getting very sloppy. With time and use, the clevis pins simply elongate the holes and slop is the least an inch at the shifter in my case.

I've heard of three different fixes:

Additional notes

I gave up on the shift offset bracket. The clearances were so tight around the shift arm, that I couldn't get the adjustment I needed for the clutch to disengage properly (see photos below). I'm certain that it works great on the Eldo 5 speed...but things are just too tight on the left side of the 4 speed.

Whilst beginning a ride with the local classic owner's group, my shift linkage broke. I had bent the stainless all thread to clear the shift lever. You guessed it, it broke right at the bend. So, I snuck her into 2nd gear and headed for home, grabbed the Quota, and met up with the guys in time for breakfast.

Back home for the fix, I really wanted to continue using my Heim joints and all thread (this time leaving the all thread linkage unbent). So, I scavenged a straight 4 speed shift arm to replace my dog-legged shift arm and found the clearances I needed. These are the little arms that attach directly to the shaft exiting the rear of the transmission (see photos below) - I didn't even know that Guzzi made more than one kind.

Along the way, I took the time to notice the movement of stock lower shift arm (this is the arm that is welded to the shaft that connects directly to the foot operated shift lever). Low and behold, if the linkage is too short, the lower shift arm will hit a cover bolt on the up-stroke. I made sure this had ample clearance and put everything back together.

From the worn spot on the arm and a contact spot on the case bolt (see photos below) I'm just certain that the extra-bend in the linkage was causing the welded arm to hit the case bolt before it traveled as far as it needed to go...thus shortening my up-stroke and making it difficult to shift.

The end result is that I'm mostly satisfied with my shift linkage. My only improvement now will be to source a proper rod to replace my temporary all thread solution.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Bender.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Bender.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Bender.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Bender.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Bender.

Gregory Bender's thoughts:

Now that I'm using the 95 mm rod in place of the all thread, I am completely satisfied with my shift linkage. It works properly and has very little play. I love it when a plan comes together!