Gregory Bender

Tail light lens to tail light gasket CEV 7292 (to fit tail light CEV 9313)

Moto Guzzi V700, V7 Special, Ambassador, 850 GT, 850 GT California, Eldorado, and 850 California Police models


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Moto Guzzi originally placed a rubber gasket between the tail light lens and the tail light (MG# 12741721 or CEV part number 4292). The purpose of the gasket was to seal the lens to the tail light and to provide vibration protection for the lens.

Steven Vadjinia has reproduced this gasket using thick, high quality EDPM material. Steven sells this pieces on eBay as part of a rubber restoration kit. His eBay user name is roadfuel.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Bender.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Bender.