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Transmission bearing removal tool

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Thanks to Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle for sending me this information. In Charlie's own words:

I was trying unsuccessfully to remove the front output shaft bearing from a four-speed case with my OTC blind bearing puller the other day. The slide weight just didn't have enough force, even though I heated the case to ~ 300° F. The case had been deformed around the bearing by fourth gear flailing around (bushing had totally disintegrated) and that made it a bit tougher.

Decided to make my own cup to fit down over the collet of the blind bearing puller and along with a threaded rod and nut, figured that would pull it out, just like the factory tool.

Bought a 2 inch × 6 inch steel pipe nipple and machined it flat on one threaded end (the end that presses against the case). Onto that I threaded a 2 inch to 34 inch reducer. The collet has 916 inch-12 threads, so I bought a 1 ft section of rod and two coupling nuts from McMaster-Carr to match. The rod was cut into two 6 inch pieces (only one is used) and flats ground on one end for a wrench to hold. One coupling nut connects the rod to the collet, the other does the actual work - threading down the rod to apply the force.

Once assembled onto the stubborn bearing and the threaded rod liberally lubed, it took very little effort with a couple of wrenches to remove the stuck bearing. More cumbersome than the factory tool, but worked very well and at a total cost of around USD $20.00 for materials.

Transmission bearing removal tool
Transmission bearing removal tool

Photo courtesy of Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle.