Gregory Bender

Wiring harness: an introduction


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The original wiring harness that Moto Guzzi used on the V700, V7 Special, Ambassador, 850 GT, 850 GT California, Eldorado, and 850 California Police models is of very good quality. Indeed, after 40+ years, many original wiring harnesses on otherwise neglected motorcycles are still perfectly functional with insulation in very serviceable condition. Of course, the original wiring harness does not survive all assaults. Removing original terminals to fit accessories, tapping into the insulation with 3M Scotchlok T-Taps (vampire taps), overloading the capacity of the wiring, and failure to keep contacts clean and corrosion free can all take their toll on the original harness. I believe it is safe to say that the biggest problem with the original harness is the person touching it.

Some people believe they can improve on the original harness. While it is certainly possible to do so, very few people actually posses the knowledge and skills to do so. It is no exaggeration that I've removed in excess of 25 pounds of all black wiring and relays from a single V700. The person who put in the time, effort, and expense to craft the harness must have thought it was an improvement. I beg to differ.