Gregory Bender

Torque specifications

Moto Guzzi Quota 1000 and Quota 1100 ES models

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These specifications are derived from the Quota Workshop Manual. I generally prefer the torque values Moto Guzzi specified for the V7 Sport, T, and T3 models. Use at your own risk.

DescriptionNewton MetersFoot PoundsInch Pounds
Head to crankcase screws and stud bolts40423031354372
Spark plugs20301522177266
Fastening socket screw for oil fumes recovery pipe40 30 354 
Fastening screws for rocker arms shafts68465371
Self-locking nut for con-rod caps fastening screws46483435407425
Flywheel to crankshaft fastening screws42 31 372 
Gear to camshaft clamping nut150 111 1328 
Fastening screws for suction manifold20 15 177 
Fastening socket screw for oil to heads delivery pipe15181113133159
Nut for engine to chassis front and rear tie rods80 59 708 
Lock nut for secondary shaft16018011813314161593
Gearbox oil filler plug30 22 266 
Gearbox oil level and drain plug25 18 221 
Safety nut for secondary shaft70805259620708
Lock nut for bearing on bevel sprocket18020013314815931770
Fastening screws for rear sprocket to drilled shaft40423031354372
Fastening screws for frame section to chassis80 59 708 
Nut for frame section to chassis fastening screws80 59 708 
Cap nut for swinging arm support pivots80 59 708 
Gearbox to swinging arm clamping nuts35 26 310 
Front fork top crowns (damper)80855963708752
Nut for front and rear wheel shaft90956670797841
Fork leg pinch bolt20221516177195
Swinging arm pinch bolt50 37 443 
Rear link rod (swing arm) pivot and progr. rocker arm cover70755255620664
Progr. rocker arm to chassis pin70755255620664
Shock absorber retaining pin50 37 443 
N.B.: All values are checked for wet torque
Standard values
Screws and nuts Ø 4 mm3 2 27 
Screws and nuts Ø 5 mm × 0.8 mm5.5 4 49 
Screws and nuts Ø 6 mm × 1 mm8126971106
Screws and nuts Ø 8 mm × 1.25 mm25301822221266
Screws and nuts Ø 10 mm × 1.5 mm45503337398443