Gregory Bender

O-ring for sealing the Dellorto PHBH carburetor float bowl to the carburetor body: Dellorto part number 9424

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The size of the O-ring used to seal the Dellorto PHBH carburetor float bowl to the carburetor body is 66.4 mm ID × 1.78 mm wide (UNI OR 2262). Viton O-rings are best, but Buna-N work just fine and are a lot cheaper. Make sure to purchase an O-ring that is sufficiently soft...something with a Shore Durometer (A Scale) = 70 is great.

Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle reports that McMaster-Carr part number 9464K381 will work well (Dash 038, Viton 75 durometer). Thanks to Charlie Mullendore for sending me this information in a private communication. In Charlie's own words:

They fit *exactly* like original Dellorto bowl O-rings - they need to be stretched slightly to stay in the groove.