Gregory Bender

Torque specifications for the V85 TT

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Thanks to Shaun Laughy for sending me John Strothard's collection of torque specifications for the Moto Guzzi V85 TT. In John's words:

Tired of having to check your phone and go through hundreds of pages of PDFs every time you're looking for a torque spec? Me too!

I've prepared a small file containing some common torque values. It also includes the Guzzi maintenance schedule as well as some miscellaneous information. It will print onto a single sheet of 8 12 × 11 inch or A4 paper for your garage wall, or simply save it to your phone. Also suitable for wrapping fish or lining your bird cage.

All values pertain to an E4 bike. It's likely applicable to E5 bikes, but owners should always double check.