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Brake line replacement

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Thanks to Karl Kologiski for sending me this information in a private e-mail. In Karl's own words:

Here is a great place to get brake lines. My dad got a set for his guzzi and they were terrific with the swivel ends. They can also do custom lines and older bikes. You just send them your old lines as a pattern.

Spiegler Performance Parts

Another source for replacement brake lines is BrakeQuip.

Thanks to Chuck in Indiana for posting this information on the Wild Guzzi forum.

I was needing new brake lines for the Lario project, and went to Earls to get them made up. He made them up while I waited, and under 60 bux for the set of three. Good stuff, stainless with plastic covering. Nice guy that runs it, too. I asked him if guys could just send their old hoses to him and he said that's what most people do. The usual disclaimers...just a happy customer.

Replacement brake line for Moto Guzzis from Earl's Indy.
Replacement brake line for Moto Guzzis from Earl's Indy.

Photo courtesy of Chuck in Indiana.