Gregory Bender

Paoli fork dampers

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Thanks to Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle for sending me this information in a private e-mail. In Charlie's own words:

I'm installing new FAC dampers in a customer's Le Mans III and the original Paoli(?) cartridge leaked like a sieve, so I did a little dissection. The top cap with air fittings just screws out, under that is a rubber bladder with a ball-shaped tip.

Photo courtesy of Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle.

When air pressure is added to the bladder, the tip restricts flow through the orifices.

Photo courtesy of Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle.

More pressure = stiffer damping. At least that's the theory - in reality most of these leaked off pressure quickly and because of the small volume were very hard to pressurize accurately anyway.

Once the cap is off and the bladder removed, all of the oil can be drained from the cartridge and oil of a different viscosity put back in. That is, if the cartridge doesn't leak...