Gregory Bender

NF T 47-501 O-ring standard specifications (metric)

I learned much of this information from the Precision Associates website.

About the NF T 47-501 standard for O-rings

The NF T 47-501 standard for O-rings is produced by the Association Française de Normalisation (French Standards Institute). The NF T 47-501 specification describes 447 O-rings and is very similar to the ISO 3601-1 standard. Each size is designated by a letter (A - E) indicating the cross-section. The last four digits indicate the inside diameter rounded to one-tenth millimeter.

In contrast to the AS 568 A inch system, the nominal and physical dimensions of metric O-rings match precisely. That is, a 1 mm O-ring will have a cross-section of 1 mm. The space that is being filled must be about 10% to 15% smaller than the cross-section of the O-ring in order for O-ring to seal properly.

Sizes within the NF T 47-501 standard for O-rings

Size reference codeDecimal size in millimetersDecimal size in inches
A00181.8 mm1.8 mm0.071 inch0.071 inch
A00201.8 mm2 mm0.071 inch0.079 inch
A00221.8 mm2.24 mm0.071 inch0.088 inch
A00251.8 mm2.5 mm0.071 inch0.098 inch
A00281.8 mm2.8 mm0.071 inch0.11 inch
A00321.8 mm3.15 mm0.071 inch0.124 inch
A00361.8 mm3.55 mm0.071 inch0.14 inch
A00381.8 mm3.75 mm0.071 inch0.148 inch
A00401.8 mm4 mm0.071 inch0.157 inch
A00451.8 mm4.5 mm0.071 inch0.177 inch
A00481.8 mm4.75 mm0.071 inch0.187 inch
A00491.8 mm4.87 mm0.071 inch0.192 inch
A00501.8 mm5 mm0.071 inch0.197 inch
A00521.8 mm5.15 mm0.071 inch0.203 inch
A00531.8 mm5.3 mm0.071 inch0.209 inch
A00561.8 mm5.6 mm0.071 inch0.22 inch
A00601.8 mm6 mm0.071 inch0.236 inch
A00631.8 mm6.3 mm0.071 inch0.248 inch
A00671.8 mm6.7 mm0.071 inch0.264 inch
A00691.8 mm6.9 mm0.071 inch0.272 inch
A00711.8 mm7.1 mm0.071 inch0.28 inch
A00751.8 mm7.5 mm0.071 inch0.295 inch
A00801.8 mm8 mm0.071 inch0.315 inch
A00851.8 mm8.5 mm0.071 inch0.335 inch
A00881.8 mm8.75 mm0.071 inch0.344 inch
A00901.8 mm9 mm0.071 inch0.354 inch
A00951.8 mm9.5 mm0.071 inch0.374 inch
A01001.8 mm10 mm0.071 inch0.394 inch
A01061.8 mm10.6 mm0.071 inch0.417 inch
A01121.8 mm11.2 mm0.071 inch0.441 inch
A01161.8 mm11.6 mm0.071 inch0.457 inch
A01181.8 mm11.8 mm0.071 inch0.465 inch
A01211.8 mm12.1 mm0.071 inch0.476 inch
A01251.8 mm12.5 mm0.071 inch0.492 inch
A01281.8 mm12.8 mm0.071 inch0.504 inch
A01321.8 mm13.2 mm0.071 inch0.52 inch
A01401.8 mm14 mm0.071 inch0.551 inch
A01451.8 mm14.5 mm0.071 inch0.571 inch
A01501.8 mm15 mm0.071 inch0.591 inch
A01551.8 mm15.5 mm0.071 inch0.61 inch
A01601.8 mm16 mm0.071 inch0.63 inch
A01701.8 mm17 mm0.071 inch0.669 inch
A01801.8 mm18 mm0.071 inch0.709 inch
A01901.8 mm19 mm0.071 inch0.748 inch
A02001.8 mm20 mm0.071 inch0.787 inch
A02061.8 mm20.6 mm0.071 inch0.811 inch
A02121.8 mm21.2 mm0.071 inch0.835 inch
A02241.8 mm22.4 mm0.071 inch0.882 inch
A02361.8 mm23.6 mm0.071 inch0.929 inch
A02431.8 mm24.3 mm0.071 inch0.957 inch
A02501.8 mm25 mm0.071 inch0.984 inch
A02581.8 mm25.8 mm0.071 inch1.016 inch
A02651.8 mm26.5 mm0.071 inch1.043 inch
A02731.8 mm27.3 mm0.071 inch1.075 inch
A02801.8 mm28 mm0.071 inch1.102 inch
A03001.8 mm30 mm0.071 inch1.181 inch
A03151.8 mm31.5 mm0.071 inch1.24 inch
A03251.8 mm32.5 mm0.071 inch1.28 inch
A03351.8 mm33.5 mm0.071 inch1.319 inch
A03451.8 mm34.5 mm0.071 inch1.358 inch
A03551.8 mm35.5 mm0.071 inch1.398 inch
A03651.8 mm36.5 mm0.071 inch1.437 inch
A03751.8 mm37.5 mm0.071 inch1.476 inch
A03871.8 mm38.7 mm0.071 inch1.524 inch
A04001.8 mm40 mm0.071 inch1.575 inch
A04121.8 mm41.2 mm0.071 inch1.622 inch
A04251.8 mm42.5 mm0.071 inch1.673 inch
A04371.8 mm43.7 mm0.071 inch1.72 inch
A04501.8 mm45 mm0.071 inch1.772 inch
A04621.8 mm46.2 mm0.071 inch1.819 inch
A04751.8 mm47.5 mm0.071 inch1.87 inch
A04871.8 mm48.7 mm0.071 inch1.917 inch
A05001.8 mm50 mm0.071 inch1.969 inch
B00902.65 mm9 mm0.104 inch0.354 inch
B00952.65 mm9.5 mm0.104 inch0.374 inch
B01002.65 mm10 mm0.104 inch0.394 inch
B01062.65 mm10.6 mm0.104 inch0.417 inch
B01122.65 mm11.2 mm0.104 inch0.441 inch
B01162.65 mm11.6 mm0.104 inch0.457 inch
B01182.65 mm11.8 mm0.104 inch0.465 inch
B01212.65 mm12.1 mm0.104 inch0.476 inch
B01252.65 mm12.5 mm0.104 inch0.492 inch
B01282.65 mm12.8 mm0.104 inch0.504 inch
B01322.65 mm13.2 mm0.104 inch0.52 inch
B01402.65 mm14 mm0.104 inch0.551 inch
B01452.65 mm14.5 mm0.104 inch0.571 inch
B01502.65 mm15 mm0.104 inch0.591 inch
B01602.65 mm16 mm0.104 inch0.63 inch
B01702.65 mm17 mm0.104 inch0.669 inch
B01802.65 mm18 mm0.104 inch0.709 inch
B01902.65 mm19 mm0.104 inch0.748 inch
B02002.65 mm20 mm0.104 inch0.787 inch
B02062.65 mm20.6 mm0.104 inch0.811 inch
B02122.65 mm21.2 mm0.104 inch0.835 inch
B02242.65 mm22.4 mm0.104 inch0.882 inch
B02362.65 mm23.6 mm0.104 inch0.929 inch
B02432.65 mm24.3 mm0.104 inch0.957 inch
B02502.65 mm25 mm0.104 inch0.984 inch
B02582.65 mm25.8 mm0.104 inch1.016 inch
B02652.65 mm26.5 mm0.104 inch1.043 inch
B02732.65 mm27.3 mm0.104 inch1.075 inch
B02802.65 mm28 mm0.104 inch1.102 inch
B03002.65 mm30 mm0.104 inch1.181 inch
B03152.65 mm31.5 mm0.104 inch1.24 inch
B03252.65 mm32.5 mm0.104 inch1.28 inch
B03352.65 mm33.5 mm0.104 inch1.319 inch
B03452.65 mm34.5 mm0.104 inch1.358 inch
B03552.65 mm35.5 mm0.104 inch1.398 inch
B03652.65 mm36.5 mm0.104 inch1.437 inch
B03752.65 mm37.5 mm0.104 inch1.476 inch
B03872.65 mm38.7 mm0.104 inch1.524 inch
B04002.65 mm40 mm0.104 inch1.575 inch
B04122.65 mm41.2 mm0.104 inch1.622 inch
B04252.65 mm42.5 mm0.104 inch1.673 inch
B04372.65 mm43.7 mm0.104 inch1.72 inch
B04502.65 mm45 mm0.104 inch1.772 inch
B04622.65 mm46.2 mm0.104 inch1.819 inch
B04752.65 mm47.5 mm0.104 inch1.87 inch
B04872.65 mm48.7 mm0.104 inch1.917 inch
B05002.65 mm50 mm0.104 inch1.969 inch
B05152.65 mm51.5 mm0.104 inch2.028 inch
B05302.65 mm53 mm0.104 inch2.087 inch
B05452.65 mm54.5 mm0.104 inch2.146 inch
B05602.65 mm56 mm0.104 inch2.205 inch
B05802.65 mm58 mm0.104 inch2.283 inch
B06002.65 mm60 mm0.104 inch2.362 inch
B06152.65 mm61.5 mm0.104 inch2.421 inch
B06302.65 mm63 mm0.104 inch2.48 inch
B06502.65 mm65 mm0.104 inch2.559 inch
B06702.65 mm67 mm0.104 inch2.638 inch
B06902.65 mm69 mm0.104 inch2.717 inch
B07102.65 mm71 mm0.104 inch2.795 inch
B07302.65 mm73 mm0.104 inch2.874 inch
B07502.65 mm75 mm0.104 inch2.953 inch
B07752.65 mm77.5 mm0.104 inch3.051 inch
B08002.65 mm80 mm0.104 inch3.15 inch
B08252.65 mm82.5 mm0.104 inch3.248 inch
B08502.65 mm85 mm0.104 inch3.346 inch
B08752.65 mm87.5 mm0.104 inch3.445 inch
B09002.65 mm90 mm0.104 inch3.543 inch
B09252.65 mm92.5 mm0.104 inch3.642 inch
B09502.65 mm95 mm0.104 inch3.74 inch
B09752.65 mm97.5 mm0.104 inch3.839 inch
B10002.65 mm100 mm0.104 inch3.937 inch
C01403.55 mm14 mm0.14 inch0.551 inch
C01453.55 mm14.5 mm0.14 inch0.571 inch
C01503.55 mm15 mm0.14 inch0.591 inch
C01553.55 mm15.5 mm0.14 inch0.61 inch
C01603.55 mm16 mm0.14 inch0.62 inch
C01703.55 mm17 mm0.14 inch0.669 inch
C01803.55 mm18 mm0.14 inch0.709 inch
C01903.55 mm19 mm0.14 inch0.748 inch
C04003.55 mm40 mm0.14 inch1.575 inch
C04123.55 mm41.2 mm0.14 inch1.622 inch
C04253.55 mm42.5 mm0.14 inch1.673 inch
C04373.55 mm43.7 mm0.14 inch1.72 inch
C04503.55 mm45 mm0.14 inch1.772 inch
C04623.55 mm46.2 mm0.14 inch1.819 inch
C04753.55 mm47.5 mm0.14 inch1.87 inch
C04873.55 mm48.7 mm0.14 inch1.917 inch
C06003.55 mm60 mm0.14 inch2.362 inch
C06153.55 mm61.5 mm0.14 inch2.421 inch
C06303.55 mm63 mm0.14 inch2.48 inch
C06503.55 mm65 mm0.14 inch2.559 inch
C06703.55 mm67 mm0.14 inch2.638 inch
C06903.55 mm69 mm0.14 inch2.717 inch
C07103.55 mm71 mm0.14 inch2.795 inch
C07303.55 mm73 mm0.14 inch2.874 inch
C07503.55 mm75 mm0.14 inch2.953 inch
C07753.55 mm77.5 mm0.14 inch3.051 inch
C08003.55 mm80 mm0.14 inch3.15 inch
C08253.55 mm82.5 mm0.14 inch3.248 inch
C08503.55 mm85 mm0.14 inch3.346 inch
C08753.55 mm87.5 mm0.14 inch3.445 inch
C09003.55 mm90 mm0.14 inch3.543 inch
C09253.55 mm92.5 mm0.14 inch3.642 inch
C09503.55 mm95 mm0.14 inch3.74 inch
C09753.55 mm97.5 mm0.14 inch3.839 inch
C10003.55 mm100 mm0.14 inch3.937 inch
C10303.55 mm103 mm0.14 inch4.055 inch
C10603.55 mm106 mm0.14 inch4.173 inch
C10903.55 mm109 mm0.14 inch4.291 inch
C11203.55 mm112 mm0.14 inch4.409 inch
C11503.55 mm115 mm0.14 inch4.528 inch
C11803.55 mm118 mm0.14 inch4.646 inch
C12203.55 mm122 mm0.14 inch4.803 inch
C12503.55 mm125 mm0.14 inch4.921 inch
C12803.55 mm128 mm0.14 inch5.039 inch
C13203.55 mm132 mm0.14 inch5.197 inch
C13603.55 mm136 mm0.14 inch5.354 inch
C14003.55 mm140 mm0.14 inch5.512 inch
C14503.55 mm145 mm0.14 inch5.709 inch
C15003.55 mm150 mm0.14 inch5.906 inch
C15503.55 mm155 mm0.14 inch6.102 inch
C16003.55 mm160 mm0.14 inch6.299 inch
C16503.55 mm165 mm0.14 inch6.496 inch
C17003.55 mm170 mm0.14 inch6.693 inch
C17503.55 mm175 mm0.14 inch6.89 inch
C18003.55 mm180 mm0.14 inch7.087 inch
C18503.55 mm185 mm0.14 inch7.283 inch
C19003.55 mm190 mm0.14 inch7.48 inch
C19503.55 mm195 mm0.14 inch7.677 inch
C20003.55 mm200 mm0.14 inch7.874 inch
CO2003.55 mm20 mm0.14 inch0.787 inch
CO2063.55 mm20.6 mm0.14 inch0.811 inch
CO2123.55 mm21.2 mm0.14 inch0.835 inch
CO2243.55 mm22.4 mm0.14 inch0.882 inch
CO2363.55 mm23.6 mm0.14 inch0.929 inch
CO2433.55 mm24.3 mm0.14 inch0.957 inch
CO2503.55 mm25 mm0.14 inch0.984 inch
CO2583.55 mm25.8 mm0.14 inch1.016 inch
CO2653.55 mm26.5 mm0.14 inch1.043 inch
CO2733.55 mm27.3 mm0.14 inch1.075 inch
CO2803.55 mm28 mm0.14 inch1.102 inch
CO3003.55 mm30 mm0.14 inch1.181 inch
CO3153.55 mm31.5 mm0.14 inch1.24 inch
CO3253.55 mm32.5 mm0.14 inch1.28 inch
CO3353.55 mm33.5 mm0.14 inch1.319 inch
CO3453.55 mm34.5 mm0.14 inch1.358 inch
CO3553.55 mm35.5 mm0.14 inch1.398 inch
CO3653.55 mm36.5 mm0.14 inch1.437 inch
CO3753.55 mm37.5 mm0.14 inch1.476 inch
CO3873.55 mm38.7 mm0.14 inch1.524 inch
CO5003.55 mm50 mm0.14 inch1.969 inch
CO5153.55 mm51.5 mm0.14 inch2.028 inch
CO5303.55 mm53 mm0.14 inch2.087 inch
CO5453.55 mm54.5 mm0.14 inch2.146 inch
CO5603.55 mm56 mm0.14 inch2.205 inch
CO5803.55 mm58 mm0.14 inch2.283 inch
D03755.3 mm37.5 mm0.209 inch1.476 inch
D03875.3 mm38.7 mm0.209 inch1.524 inch
D04005.3 mm40 mm0.209 inch1.575 inch
D04125.3 mm41.2 mm0.209 inch1.622 inch
D04255.3 mm42.5 mm0.209 inch1.673 inch
D04375.3 mm43.7 mm0.209 inch1.72 inch
D04505.3 mm45 mm0.209 inch1.772 inch
D04625.3 mm46.2 mm0.209 inch1.819 inch
D04755.3 mm47.5 mm0.209 inch1.87 inch
D04875.3 mm48.7 mm0.209 inch1.917 inch
D05005.3 mm50 mm0.209 inch1.969 inch
D05155.3 mm51.5 mm0.209 inch2.028 inch
D05305.3 mm53 mm0.209 inch2.087 inch
D05455.3 mm54.5 mm0.209 inch2.146 inch
D05605.3 mm56 mm0.209 inch2.205 inch
D05805.3 mm58 mm0.209 inch2.283 inch
D06005.3 mm60 mm0.209 inch2.362 inch
D06155.3 mm61.5 mm0.209 inch2.421 inch
D06305.3 mm63 mm0.209 inch2.48 inch
D06505.3 mm65 mm0.209 inch2.559 inch
D06705.3 mm67 mm0.209 inch2.638 inch
D06905.3 mm69 mm0.209 inch2.717 inch
D07105.3 mm71 mm0.209 inch2.795 inch
D07305.3 mm73 mm0.209 inch2.874 inch
D07505.3 mm75 mm0.209 inch2.953 inch
D07755.3 mm77.5 mm0.209 inch3.051 inch
D08005.3 mm80 mm0.209 inch3.15 inch
D08255.3 mm82.5 mm0.209 inch3.248 inch
D08505.3 mm85 mm0.209 inch3.346 inch
D08755.3 mm87.5 mm0.209 inch3.445 inch
D09005.3 mm90 mm0.209 inch3.543 inch
D09255.3 mm92.5 mm0.209 inch3.642 inch
D09505.3 mm95 mm0.209 inch3.74 inch
D09755.3 mm97.5 mm0.209 inch3.829 inch
D10005.3 mm100 mm0.209 inch3.937 inch
D10305.3 mm103 mm0.209 inch4.055 inch
D10605.3 mm106 mm0.209 inch4.173 inch
D10905.3 mm109 mm0.209 inch4.291 inch
D11205.3 mm112 mm0.209 inch4.409 inch
D11505.3 mm115 mm0.209 inch4.528 inch
D11805.3 mm118 mm0.209 inch4.646 inch
D12205.3 mm122 mm0.209 inch4.803 inch
D12505.3 mm125 mm0.209 inch4.921 inch
D12805.3 mm128 mm0.209 inch5.039 inch
D13205.3 mm132 mm0.209 inch5.1971 inch
D13605.3 mm136 mm0.209 inch5.354 inch
D14005.3 mm140 mm0.209 inch5.5121 inch
D14505.3 mm145 mm0.209 inch5.709 inch
D15005.3 mm150 mm0.209 inch5.906 inch
D15505.3 mm155 mm0.209 inch6.1021 inch
D16005.3 mm160 mm0.209 inch6.299 inch
D16505.3 mm165 mm0.209 inch6.496 inch
D17005.3 mm170 mm0.209 inch6.6931 inch
D17255.3 mm172.5 mm0.209 inch6.791 inch
D17505.3 mm175 mm0.209 inch6.89 inch
D17755.3 mm177.5 mm0.209 inch6.988 inch
D18005.3 mm180 mm0.209 inch7.0871 inch
D18255.3 mm182.5 mm0.209 inch7.185 inch
D18505.3 mm185 mm0.209 inch7.2831 inch
D18755.3 mm187.5 mm0.209 inch7.382 inch
D19005.3 mm190 mm0.209 inch7.48 inch
D19505.3 mm195 mm0.209 inch7.677 inch
D20005.3 mm200 mm0.209 inch7.8741 inch
D20305.3 mm203 mm0.209 inch7.992 inch
D20605.3 mm206 mm0.209 inch8.1101 inch
D21205.3 mm212 mm0.209 inch8.346 inch
D21805.3 mm218 mm0.209 inch8.583 inch
D22405.3 mm224 mm0.209 inch8.819 inch
D23005.3 mm230 mm0.209 inch9.055 inch
D23605.3 mm236 mm0.209 inch9.291 inch
D23905.3 mm239 mm0.209 inch9.409 inch
D24305.3 mm243 mm0.209 inch9.567 inch
D25005.3 mm250 mm0.209 inch9.843 inch
D25405.3 mm254 mm0.209 inch10 inch
D25805.3 mm258 mm0.209 inch10.157 inch
D26105.3 mm261 mm0.209 inch10.276 inch
D26505.3 mm265 mm0.209 inch10.433 inch
D26805.3 mm268 mm0.209 inch10.551 inch
D27205.3 mm272 mm0.209 inch10.709 inch
D27605.3 mm276 mm0.209 inch10.866 inch
D28005.3 mm280 mm0.209 inch11.024 inch
D28305.3 mm283 mm0.209 inch11.142 inch
D28605.3 mm286 mm0.209 inch11.26 inch
D29005.3 mm290 mm0.209 inch11.417 inch
D29505.3 mm295 mm0.209 inch11.614 inch
D30005.3 mm300 mm0.209 inch11.811 inch
D30305.3 mm303 mm0.209 inch11.929 inch
D30705.3 mm307 mm0.209 inch12.087 inch
D31105.3 mm311 mm0.209 inch12.244 inch
D31505.3 mm315 mm0.209 inch12.402 inch
D32005.3 mm320 mm0.209 inch12.598 inch
D32505.3 mm325 mm0.209 inch12.795 inch
D33005.3 mm330 mm0.209 inch12.992 inch
D33505.3 mm335 mm0.209 inch13.189 inch
D34005.3 mm340 mm0.209 inch13.386 inch
D34505.3 mm345 mm0.209 inch13.583 inch
D35005.3 mm350 mm0.209 inch13.78 inch
D35505.3 mm355 mm0.209 inch13.976 inch
D36005.3 mm360 mm0.209 inch14.173 inch
D36505.3 mm365 mm0.209 inch14.37 inch
D37005.3 mm370 mm0.209 inch14.567 inch
D37505.3 mm375 mm0.209 inch14.764 inch
D37905.3 mm379 mm0.209 inch14.921 inch
D38305.3 mm383 mm0.209 inch15.079 inch
D38705.3 mm387 mm0.209 inch15.236 inch
D39105.3 mm391 mm0.209 inch15.394 inch
D39505.3 mm395 mm0.209 inch15.551 inch
D40005.3 mm400 mm0.209 inch15.748 inch
E10907 mm109 mm0.276 inch4.291 inch
E11207 mm112 mm0.276 inch4.409 inch
E11507 mm115 mm0.276 inch4.528 inch
E11807 mm118 mm0.276 inch4.646 inch
E12207 mm122 mm0.276 inch4.8031 inch
E12507 mm125 mm0.276 inch4.921 inch
E12807 mm128 mm0.276 inch5.039 inch
E13207 mm132 mm0.276 inch5.197 inch
E13607 mm136 mm0.276 inch5.354 inch
E14007 mm140 mm0.276 inch5.512 inch
E14507 mm145 mm0.276 inch5.709 inch
E15007 mm150 mm0.276 inch5.906 inch
E15507 mm155 mm0.276 inch6.102 inch
E16007 mm160 mm0.276 inch6.299 inch
E16507 mm165 mm0.276 inch6.496 inch
E17007 mm170 mm0.276 inch6.693 inch
E17257 mm172.5 mm0.276 inch6.791 inch
E17507 mm175 mm0.276 inch6.89 inch
E17757 mm177.5 mm0.276 inch6.988 inch
E18007 mm180 mm0.276 inch7.087 inch
E18257 mm182.5 mm0.276 inch7.1851 inch
E18507 mm185 mm0.276 inch7.283 inch
E18757 mm185.7 mm0.276 inch7.3821 inch
E19007 mm190 mm0.276 inch7.48 inch
E19507 mm195 mm0.276 inch7.6771 inch
E20007 mm200 mm0.276 inch7.874 inch
E20307 mm203 mm0.276 inch7.9921 inch
E20607 mm206 mm0.276 inch8.11 inch
E21207 mm212 mm0.276 inch8.3461 inch
E21807 mm218 mm0.276 inch8.583 inch
E22407 mm224 mm0.276 inch8.819 inch
E23007 mm230 mm0.276 inch9.055 inch
E23607 mm236 mm0.276 inch9.291 inch
E23907 mm239 mm0.276 inch9.409 inch
E24307 mm243 mm0.276 inch9.567 inch
E25007 mm250 mm0.276 inch9.843 inch
E25407 mm254 mm0.276 inch10 inch
E25807 mm258 mm0.276 inch10.157 inch
E26107 mm261 mm0.276 inch10.276 inch
E26507 mm265 mm0.276 inch10.433 inch
E26807 mm268 mm0.276 inch10.551 inch
E27207 mm272 mm0.276 inch10.709 inch
E27607 mm276 mm0.276 inch10.866 inch
E28007 mm280 mm0.276 inch11.024 inch
E28307 mm283 mm0.276 inch11.142 inch
E28607 mm286 mm0.276 inch11.26 inch
E29007 mm290 mm0.276 inch11.417 inch
E29507 mm295 mm0.276 inch11.614 inch
E30007 mm300 mm0.276 inch11.811 inch
E30307 mm303 mm0.276 inch11.929 inch
E30707 mm307 mm0.276 inch12.087 inch
E31107 mm311 mm0.276 inch12.244 inch
E31507 mm315 mm0.276 inch12.402 inch
E32007 mm320 mm0.276 inch12.598 inch
E32507 mm325 mm0.276 inch12.795 inch
E33007 mm330 mm0.276 inch12.992 inch
E33507 mm335 mm0.276 inch13.189 inch
E34007 mm340 mm0.276 inch13.386 inch
E34507 mm345 mm0.276 inch13.583 inch
E35007 mm350 mm0.276 inch13.78 inch
E35507 mm355 mm0.276 inch13.976 inch
E36007 mm360 mm0.276 inch14.173 inch
E36507 mm365 mm0.276 inch14.37 inch
E37007 mm370 mm0.276 inch14.567 inch
E37507 mm375 mm0.276 inch14.764 inch
E37907 mm379 mm0.276 inch14.921 inch
E38307 mm383 mm0.276 inch15.079 inch
E38707 mm387 mm0.276 inch15.236 inch
E39107 mm391 mm0.276 inch15.394 inch
E39507 mm395 mm0.276 inch15.551 inch
E40007 mm400 mm0.276 inch15.748 inch
E40607 mm406 mm0.276 inch15.984 inch
E41207 mm412 mm0.276 inch16.22 inch
E41807 mm418 mm0.276 inch16.457 inch
E42507 mm425 mm0.276 inch16.732 inch
E42907 mm429 mm0.276 inch16.89 inch
E43307 mm433 mm0.276 inch17.047 inch
E43707 mm437 mm0.276 inch17.205 inch
E44307 mm443 mm0.276 inch17.441 inch
E45007 mm450 mm0.276 inch17.717 inch
E45607 mm456 mm0.276 inch17.953 inch
E46207 mm462 mm0.276 inch18.189 inch
E46607 mm466 mm0.276 inch18.346 inch
E47007 mm470 mm0.276 inch18.504 inch
E47507 mm475 mm0.276 inch18.701 inch
E47907 mm479 mm0.276 inch18.858 inch
E48307 mm483 mm0.276 inch19.016 inch
E48707 mm487 mm0.276 inch19.173 inch
E49307 mm493 mm0.276 inch19.409 inch
E50007 mm500 mm0.276 inch19.685 inch
E50807 mm508 mm0.276 inch20 inch
E51507 mm515 mm0.276 inch20.276 inch
E52307 mm523 mm0.276 inch20.591 inch
E53007 mm530 mm0.276 inch20.866 inch
E53807 mm538 mm0.276 inch21.181 inch
E54507 mm545 mm0.276 inch21.457 inch
E55307 mm553 mm0.276 inch21.772 inch
E56007 mm560 mm0.276 inch22.047 inch
E57007 mm570 mm0.276 inch22.441 inch
E58007 mm580 mm0.276 inch22.835 inch
E59007 mm590 mm0.276 inch23.228 inch
E60007 mm600 mm0.276 inch23.622 inch
E60807 mm608 mm0.276 inch23.937 inch
E61507 mm615 mm0.276 inch24.213 inch
E62307 mm623 mm0.276 inch24.528 inch
E63007 mm630 mm0.276 inch24.803 inch
E64007 mm640 mm0.276 inch25.197 inch
E65007 mm650 mm0.276 inch25.591 inch
E66007 mm660 mm0.276 inch25.984 inch
E67007 mm670 mm0.276 inch26.378 inch