Gregory Bender

Brake discs / rotors / pad replacement (front and rear)

DIY and how-to articles on repairing the Saab 9-5 SE.


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For some time now I've been putting up with pulsing brakes. I've known the problem was warped rotors, but just hadn't done anything about it. So, with 114,000 miles on the odometer, I figured it was time for new discs front and rear (rear rotors were original, front rotors had been replaced at 30,000). Replacement is straight forward, so I won't even bother going over it. The end result is no more pulsing and brakes that are every bit as good as before (read: no discernible improvement in braking performance). Here are the parts I chose:


Brembo makes good stuff and I like them. Very competitive prices on these parts too.


I went with my wallet on the pads. I knew I didn't want to go with ceramic (due to the increased wear on the rotors), so I stuck with the standard semi-metallic pads.