Gregory Bender

Custom 4: Spot light kit for civilian models



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Applicable to these part numbers:

Route the harness

  1. The end of the harness with the blue/black wire with the ring terminal goes to the battery.
  2. Route the remaining harness forward under the tank.
  3. The 3 connection female spade connector should be located under the tank.
  4. The pair of blue/black wires sheathed together should be routed to the left handlebar clutch perch.
  5. The individual blue/black wires in separate sheathing should be routed to each spot light.

At the left handlebar perch

  1. Mount the stainless steel bracket to the front side of the clutch perch (the side of the perch nearest the front tire). Use a longer clutch perch pinch bolt and a lock nut (not provided).
  2. Fit the push-pull switch to the bracket.
  3. Using the set screws at the rear of the push-pull switch, secure the blue/black wires in place.
  4. Fit the rubber boot over the rear of the push-pull switch and adjust sheathing as needed.

At each spot light

  1. Cut the wiring and sheathing to length (be sure to double check the length needed when the handlebars are turned fully in each direction).
  2. Slide the heat shrink over the wire.
  3. Strip the insulation from the blue/black wire AND from the positive lead for your spot lights.
  4. Crimp the butt connector in place on both wires.
  5. Slide the heat shrink over the butt connector. Heat to shrink.
  6. Slide the sheathing over the heat shrink.

At the battery

Connect the blue/black wire with the ring terminal to the battery positive terminal.