courtesy of Jens Lyck


It all started because I was annoyed that 15 years old computer experts were able to build web sites – and I wasn't. I bought a couple of books on the subject and started reading and learning.

I had a lot of Moto Guzzi stuff on my PC, so it was natural to use some of it for my experiments, and after a while the site was so comprehensive that the thought occurred to me that others might want to see it too.

It took several months before the web site went online because I had a few firm demands to my site:

  • The site should contain useful and interesting material.
  • It should have a firm structure and be easy to navigate.
  • I wanted the site to be nice to the eyes, I hate looking at homepages with too many colors and flashing effects. I'm building a homepage, not a merry-go-round in a fun fair!
  • No “under construction” pages.
  • The pages should load quickly, also for the poor mortals with an ordinary and slow modem.

I guess I did hit the right note, because the number of visitors exceeded by far my expectations, and at that time the site was only available in Danish, which is unintelligible to most but the chosen few.

So, I was encouraged to continue the work and I made a lot of experiments, not all of them was successful, but I learned a lot.

And by the way, a Danish journalist without ideas of his own, printed some of my stuff and put his own name on the paper. So to avoid any mistakes the following goes:

Commercial use of any material found in is not allowed without permission from me.

/Jens Lyck