courtesy of Jens Lyck


Original Moto Guzzi work shop manual

A much better book than the unoriginal ones from Clymer and Haynes. All specifications are correct, and the book don't tell you at any time to ask an authorized dealer to fix the problem (because the book was made for the professionals). For most bigblocks, you'll need the G5/SP1000 book, its also the one for the Le Mans models. Beside the basic book you can buy a supplement book for some models dealing with the specialties of this particularly model. They are not expensive, and can be bought at Moto Spezial and Stein-Dinse (in German). For an English edition I would try Teo Lamers or Motorworks. See the Link page.

Haynes - Moto Guzzi 750, 850, & 1000 V-Twins

Haynes books are fine workshop manuals when an original edition is unavailable, which is common with Japanese bikes. But with a Moto Guzzi you can buy the original book at half the price, so Haynes only takes second place. Also, Haynes are not famous for precision regarding specifications on the bike. Still, Haynes can be an aid to you if you're not an expert mechanic, because all operations are described very carefully and will often show you how to get on without special tools. If you previously owned a Haynes manual for another model you'll feel at home, and the book is OK, but should be used as a supplement to the original manual.

Moto Guzzi - Spare parts catalogue

A wonderful thing about Guzzi's is that spare parts catalogues is available for every model, and you just order parts by the factory's own parts numbers. This is a very simple and brilliant system that secures that the customer (you) always get the part you need. On Japanese bikes, the part number is a well kept secret, only to be known by the authorized dealer and the importer. All text in this catalogue is printed in Italian, English, French, and German. Go buy the book, its cheap and you'll need it !

Dell Orto - Manual

Just as the title says, this is the manual for the Dell Orto carburetor. The booklet will take you through the function of the different carburetor circuit's, and give a lot of fairly technical advices on how to adjust the carb. Also you'll find a list of available jets, needled and slides. I know there's an English and a German edition, and probably also an Italian one, it may be available in other languages also. If you want to play with the jetting, this is a fine book, otherwise chances are that you wont need it.

See an English edition online here.

Dave Richardson - Guzziology

An absolutely magnificent book for the Moto Guzzi owner with a mechanical interest. An American Guzzi mechanic has collected and organized al of his Guzzi knowledge on these 700+ pages. Tips and tricks, easier ways to do things, what does usually break and which parts will last forever and a day. A huge pile of information you wont find elsewhere - its like being given a lifes experience on the subject. This is a lone star, similar books does not exist for other (inferior, of course) brands of motorcycles. The book is printed on plain paper, and totally without bells and whistles of any kind. The author is also the publisher, and the book is often sold out. My copy was sold by Motorworks - See linkpage. Did I mention that I really like this book ?

Update: The only place to buy your own copy today, is at

Mick Walker - Moto Guzzi Twins Restoration

Mick Walker is a productive and experienced motorcycle writer, but but this time it seems to me as if he'd cut a few corners. The book is written to help people to restore their Guzzi's, and it try's to be both a workshop manual and a reference book (to enable you to get all details correct). Unfortunately it doesn't do either part 100%, and I felt a little taken after reading it - it wasn't actually cheap either. So I feel like quoting Queen Victoria: "We are not amused".

Moto Guzzi Le Mans Performance Portofolio

A very long title - you'll almost lose your breath when you're telling your friends about this very fine book. It contains a large number of tests from different motorcycle magazines. All about Le Mans models (ohh, you already guessed that ?) . Its nice reading during the long winter when you need to remind yourself why you own a motorcycle at all. Go buy the book, its worth the money.

Greg Field - Moto Guzzi Big Twins

As far as I know, this is the only book that solely deals with the development of the big block Guzzi V2 engine, and the models using this excellent engine. All other books about Moto Guzzi's history has long chapters on old single cylinder models that is almost non-existing today. This is fine and OK, but if your Guzzi interest is about the Big block, this is the best history book on the subject. Greg Field has done a nice job here and the book is excellent, though you should be prepared to read a lot about the situation on the US market as Field is American. But still a very recommendable book.

Typen Kompass - Moto Guzzi

If you imagine a motorcycle encyclopedia only with Guzzi's you'll get an idea what this book is about One model per page with a picture, a short description, and specs. OK for getting acquainted with the different models, but no details. Its a cheap book, and in German language - except for the pictures. They are international :-)

Mick Walker - Moto Guzzi

A description of Moto Guzzi's history told by Mick Walker on one of his better days. The book is divided in logical chapters around the different model series and explains fairly chronological about Moto Guzzi's development over the last 80 years. A lot of pictures and not too detailed - fun and easy reading.