courtesy of Jens Lyck

Mikael's Story

The following story is Mikael's own description of his entry into the interesting and weird world of Italian motorcycles.

There are several things that makes this text quite unique; Mikael's honest way of writing makes you want to read the whole story, and all the time he has this special tongue-in-cheek attitude. But the best part is that Mikael has been through every single thing that can go wrong with an old Moto Guzzi.

Most people that buys a vintage Moto Guzzi have been through a few of these things. Some people resign and sells the bike again, where other fights the way through until the bike is properly sorted. This is a recipe of happy Guzzi ownership, even though Mikael didn't take the easy road :-)

Neither Mikael or the webmaster are of English speaking heritage, so you'll probably find a number of grammatical errors in the text. Mikael worked hard to translate his story to make it available to the rest of you, so give the guy some positive feedback - he deserves it.