Gregory Bender

2010 June 03: Foot board rubber mats, brake lines, etc. (2.00 hours)


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I've been needing some extra wrap for the stainless steel brake lines I fit. My buddy Gordon from MG Cycle sent me some. I fit it in place.

I cleaned up the foot board rubber mats and glued them in place. At some point in time, the original foot boards (not the rails to which they attach) were replaced with foot boards from a California 3. This style of foot board has big interlocking lugs and requires a special rubber mat. Normally I would purchase the new replacement rubber mat. But, they are expensive and special order only. So, I cleaned up the original rubber mats (which were in good shape, anyway).

When I fit the side covers in place, I noticed that one of my hydraulic hoses was routed improperly. By taking the top off of the carburetor, I was able to reposition it behind the carburetor and gain the proper clearance for the side cover.

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