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2012 December 14: I-Convert breather


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This entry is extracted from a series of email exchanges between myself, Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle and Gordon Kline of MG Cycle. Both Charlie and Gordon were very supportive and helpful.

I thought I'd run this past y'all and see if you had some thoughts.

With 3000+ miles on my rebuilt I-Convert, it is still evacuating oil out of the breather and wetting my rear tire. As a reminder:

Yesterday I rode it 200 miles up the Mogollon Rim and back down. 70 MPH most of the way with a couple of very brief excurssions up to 75 MPH. Certainly nothing excessive. My rear tire has engine oil on it, again.

Good grief, I can flog my Ambassador with the same breather and never have trouble with oil coming out of the breather. To state that I am sick of cleaning the bike of oil is a gross understatement.

I've got a catch can I can fit (oh joy). Or I can try to engineer a larger capacity breather to better handle things (oh joy).

I'm at a loss. I really enjoy riding the I-Convert but I hate the mess all that oil creates and the danger of an oil covered tire.

What am I missing?


Gregory Bender

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