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Technical : The complex stuff - exciting but heavy reading, take your time.

Engine strip - with pictures

Author: Pete Roper and Rolf Johansen

These excellent papers is copied from Pete Roper's postings on the Wildguzzi forum (of course with Pete's permission)

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Series complete !

Warning !

Chapter 7 and 8 shows and describes glass blasting of the block.

The very small glass beads WILL fill all threads and oil ways, and all other places that are hard to access. And they are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to clean out properly.

Insufficient cleaning will result in the glass beads blocking an oil way or going into some bearing - either is fatal to the engine.

If in any doubt that you're able to clean the engine thoroughly, DO NOT have the dismantled block glass blasted !!

Pete Roper mentions the importance of proper cleaning in his text, but mistakes here is a real engine killer, so I want to highlight this issue.