Gregory Bender

2006 April 10: Bearings and seals (3.00 hours)


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Cleaned the rear drive housing with the Eagle One etching cleaner...looks better but I've got a couple of light stain patches I was hoping it would eliminate. No luck. Blasting would probably get it, but it will stay as is.

Assembled complete rear drive refreshing all seals, gaskets, and O-rings - except for the large inner seal (nearest the center line of the motorcycle)...which is on order. I also replaced all the bendy tabs with Schnorr washers and torqued (with thread locking compound) the crown wheel carrier bolts.

Removed the swing arm from the frame, drifted the carrier bearing out, removed the swing arm bearings; left the races in place.

Cleaned up the swing arm passages, bearings, pivot pins, etc. I'll replace the seals and the carrier bearing. Everything else looks good and can be used again.

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