Gregory Bender

2007 May 08: Starter repair (2.00 hours)


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I looked into the cause of my starter not working correctly...and discovered that I had soldered the solenoid cap back on backwards. I few minutes with the soldering iron and I had it fix, mounted, and works perfectly now!

Took the time to resolder the wiring connections going to the Yamaha 205 handlebar switch. The original soldered connections were done very well...but only covered with electrical tape. I used shrink tubing on each solder connection and then covered the entire area with flexible vinyl tubing. It functions and looks great...without any sticky tape mess.

Found an oil leak! I had forgotten to update the transmission vent plug to the style that accepts a vent hose. I stole one off the 850 T transmission I had sitting in the corner and plumbed a nice length of 38 inch fuel line...securing it with stainless hose clamp. Look great...functions even better!

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