Gregory Bender

2006 August 27: Generator and distributor (3.00 hours)


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When I removed the generator and bracket from the engine, I noticed that one of the studs had been replaced with a larger diameter stud. Seems the previous one had pulled is typical. I removed both studs. Neither had been secured with thread locking compound. I replaced both studs with harder steel studs (8.8) and secured them in place with high strength thread locking compound after thoroughly cleaning the threads. For the record, the rearmost stud is the standard 8 mm × 1.25 mm; the front stud is 38 inch × 24 TPI. They are in there good and should never move.

I then turned my attention to the bracket itself. It was not cracked, but I wanted to provide additional support for it. As is suggested in Guzziology and following the lead set by Greg Field and Bob Nolan with their excellent alternator kit, I welded a piece of 34 inch angle iron to the generator bracket. The angle iron extends back to the front bolt that secures the distributor to the block. It turned out very well and I'm glad I took the time to do this now. I could have used a piece of flat steel, but the angle iron provided twice the weld contact and will be much stronger.

On a roll, I completely disassembled the distributor. Every distributor I've taken apart (3 now) has been straightforward except for removing the solid pin that secures the bottom gear. It is always a challenge to remove it and it took me about 70 minutes just to remove this pin. I broke two punches in the process. But that turned out to be a good thing as I could use the shorter and stouter unbroken part to really wail on that little pin. Standard punches are okay but you really risk bending or breaking them. Carpenter nail-set punches are actually better as they are quite short and stout. I had forgotten that I had used them last time with great success. It wasn't until I was almost done that I remembered. Oh well, I got it out.

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