Gregory Bender

2007 March 07: Assembly (2.00 hours)


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Filled the battery with acid. Tried to get it to take a charge, but my battery charger kept registering a fault. I decided the acid need to soak the lead plates for a while and that I was probably getting too much of a direct contact. I let the battery sit for a couple hours and then hooked up the charger again. No problems. This is my first experience with filling a dry battery with isn't difficult.

Fit rear brake foot lever, rear brake pivot rod, rear brake switch lever, and rear brake actuating rod. Used stainless fasteners for the rear brake foot lever pinch bolt and the rear brake switch lever pinch bolt. I noticed that the rear brake actuating rod was rubbing on the swing arm as I moved the swing arm up and down through its normal range of motion. Not good. A closer inspection revealed that the rear brake switch lever had been bent slightly during disassembly. I quickly remedied that problem with a crescent wrench.

Fit the rear brake stay to the swing arm. Given the importance of this rod, I kept the original steel bolt. However, I replaced the original washer and nut with a stainless steel flat washer and nylon lock nut.

Fit the starter in place.

Connected the wires to the starter.

Connected the wire to the neutral switch.

Connected the starter relay ground wire to one of the bolts that secures the rear cover of the transmission.

Connected the wires to the rear brake light switch. I really don't like sticking bare wire in these connectors...and then smashing them with the tiny little screws. Instead, I crimp the wires in a spade terminal and then pinch one side of the spade in the brake light switch. This works very well.

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