Gregory Bender

2007 March 01: Assembly (3.50 hours)


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Mounted transmission. Secured in place with stainless steel nuts and flat washers.

Fit the foot pegs, shift lever, shift shaft, and linkage. For the linkage I replaced the stock clevis pin arrangement with Heim joints and a straight rod. Plenty of room and no sloppy linkage!

Secured the generator bracket in place. For the rear 8 mm stud, I used a Schnorr washer and a lock nut with medium strength thread locking compound. For the front 38 inch × 24 TPI stud that was repaired by a previous owner, I used a Schnorr washer and medium strength with a standard nut (a lock nut would have been better, but I didn't have one on hand and neither did my local hardware store).

Fit the oil line with new aluminum crush washers freshly zinc plated banjo bolts. Torqued the banjo bolts to 130 inch pounds (which is at lower end of the Moto Guzzi specified range of 126 - 192 inch pounds). It seemed plenty tight.

Fit the generator in place. Connected wires to generator terminals.

Fit the generator belt. The belt is rubbing on the top two timing cover bolts. I switched from the socket head (allen head) to hex head bolts, and there is very little clearance. Something isn't right here.

Fit the coil in place. Connected wire to coil terminals.

Connected the wires to the distributor.

Connected the spark plug wire from the coil to the distributor.

Fit the enricher lever (choke lever) to the right front brake lever perch. It is a really nice choke lever and operates very smoothly. I secured it with a stainless steel lock nut and flat washer.

Mounted the breather box complete with correct bracket attached to the right foot peg bolt. Hose thickness is so much greater today than it was 35 years ago. In order to get the hose to fit the ID of the bracket, I used my bench grinder to reduce the OD of the hose. There is no other way that it would fit. I've done the same thing on my Ambassador - and it is a good solution.

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