Gregory Bender

2006 April 20: Disassembly, inspection, and cleaning (2.00 hours)


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Tore the transmission apart right after work today. Someone had been inside before, but everything looks to be in fantastic shape. I decided to pop out all the bearings so I could give the case a real good cleaning. I got impatient with one of the roller bearings and dinged the edge - popping out one of the rollers. I was just got in a hurry trying to get everything done before spending some time with the family. That will be a USD $50.00 mistake and I get to wait for the replacement bearing to arrive before I can put it back together.

Snuck out to the garage a little later and gave the transmission case a good bath in degreaser...inside and out. The outside didn't get much cleaner than it already was, but the inside is now spotless and ready for reassembly. I think I'll hit the case with a final application of the Eagle One etching compound to get rid of some of my brush marks, then rinse and dry and call it good.

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