Gregory Bender

2007 March 05: Assembly (3.25 hours)


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Added a shim behind the generator pulley to bring the pulley out just a bit further. Refit the generator belt and all is well...plenty of clearance now.

Added shrink tubing to a couple of bare spots on the wires going to the front turn signals. Replaced the old wire sheathing with new vinyl sheathing. Crimped on ends to both wires.

Adjusted the clutch cable and associated levers. Along the way I cleaned up the threads on the adjuster and jam nut located on the clutch lever at the rear of the transmission. 5 minutes spent here will make future adjustments in that tiny, confined space much easier.

Fit universal joint into swing arm and the swing arm into the frame. The universal joint had a nice interference fit. I used anti-seize on the swing arm pivot pins. I lubed all the spline connections with a Amsoil 5th wheel lubricant...good stuff. Fit the boot over the connection between the swing arm and the transmission and secured it in place with the original - properly sized - hose clamps. Fit the huge chrome acorn nuts to the swing arm pivot pins.

Fit the original relay to the regulator and relay bracket. I haven't tested it yet...but will be sure to do that before installing the bracket

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