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2012 October 10: History and plans


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It has been over ten years since I began work on my first project motorcycle: My 1971 Moto Guzzi Ambassador. During the interum years, I've gained a lot of knowledge and experience on a number of additional Moto Guzzi projects. I'm looking forward to putting it all to good use on this project, which I am calling Ambassador2 - the 2 because it is my second Ambassador project and I've never been into naming vehicles.

My Dad, Tom Bender, purchased two Ambassadors (VIN 12249 and VIN 23424) for USD $200.00 each (USD $400.00 total) on from Steve W. Aeschliman of Independence, Kansas . My Dad parted out the A-series Ambassador (VIN 12249), though I do have a few remaining parts from it. The other Ambassador (VIN 23424) remained largely intact, gathering dust for the next 18 years.

During a visit several years ago, Mom and Dad brought the Ambassador to me (along with scads of Moto Guzzi parts). I had offered to sell Dad's Moto Guzzi parts for him (as a gift to him) and Dad gave me the Ambassador (sans title) after he was sick of it collecting dust and taking up space in his shop. I parked the Ambassador at the front of my garage, between the Angela's Honda Odyssey minivan and my Toyota Tacoma truck and covered it with a sheet. My understanding wife was tired of it being in the way the first day, but it remained there for the next three to four years. Finally, enough space opened up in the third bay of our garage (the motorcycle bay) and I relcoated the Ambassador to that location this Summer ().

Earlier this Spring (), I had already begun collecting a few of the missing parts I knew I would need. Yesterday () I completed the process of obtaining a clean and clear title in my name.

While every part on the Ambassador needs a complete going-through, I plan to keep it very much in original configuration as a civilian Ambassador. I have yet to decide on paint colors. I plan to sell it once I complete bringing it back to life. If you are interested in potentially purchasing the completed project, please e-mail me:

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