Gregory Bender

2013 May 09: Take panel pattern and sacrificial gas cap to chrome plater (1.50 hours)


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I took another 50 mile round trip ride to the chrome plater. He showed me the repairs made by the radiator repair shop, which look good. I gave him the sacrificial gas cap. But, the sacrificial cap I made will not work for him because he needs it to seal things so he can do a leak test (communication is a problem, if you haven't picked up on it already). I told him that a real cap would leak, too, because it was vented. He said he would just use one of his plugs. I also gave him the chrome panel pattern, so that he would not waste time polishing portions of the tank that will simply be painted. Turns out that really wasn't needed, either, because he had remembered what I had told him last week about only needing to have the knee panels polished.

I still have faith that he can provide me with the results I want, but I'm more than a little frustrated that it is taking so long and I am making trips down there that I really don't need to make. It isn't like I'm getting some sort of super cheap deal on this, either.

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