Gregory Bender

2015 August 08: Replace spline assembly in rear hub (1.00 hours)


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I removed the drive spline from the rear hub this morning. It was easy. I heated the entire hub (sans rim and spokes) to 300° for 45 - 60 minutes. Then placed it in my 12 ton press. I used a big pipe I purchased along with a bearing driver on the other side. No excess force was required and the drive spline exited very smooth and easy. The inside diameter of the pipe fits closely around the drive spline. Using the pipe provides proper support for the wheel hub and prevents the wheel hub from being bent or distorted (a very real possibility with how thin the hub is in places. Pipe details:

Once the hub cooled, I thoroughly cleaned it and then heated it back up again in the oven. While it was heating, I had placed the new splined hub in the freezer to get it nice and frozen.

With the hub fully heated and the drive spline fully frozen, I was able to slide them together without using a press at all. The drive spline simply dropped right into place using gravity. Super easy!

I used six long 8 mm bolts to align the drive spline and the hub.

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