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2012 December 13: Polish spokes and nipples (2.30 hours)


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I removed the spokes and nipples from the degreaser and gave them a good rinse and then dried them. The stainless steel spokes looked quite good, though the brass nipples needed a lot of help. Here is the process I followed:

  1. I first used the fine wire wheel on my bench grinder to clean the threaded area of the spokes.
  2. I then threaded each nipple onto a spoke by hand for the first few turns.
  3. I polished all of the nipples using the spoke as a handle to hold them against my polishing wheel.
  4. I removed all of the nipples by hand and then polished the spokes by themselves.
  5. Finally, I polished the very tip of each nipple, where the spoke made it difficult to get a good polish. For these, I just held the tip of the nipple firmly in my hand.

They turned out great! So, I took my I-Convert on a 200 mile round-trip ride up to Payson and back...a route filled with high speed sweepers. Fun stuff!

Polished spokes and nipples
Polished spokes and nipples

Photo courtesy of Gregory Bender.

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