Gregory Bender

2012 November 20: Frame finishing, cleaning (3.00 hours)


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I spent some time going over all of the parts again, making sure everything was as I wanted it to be when I take it to the powder coater. The frame, in particular, had a lot of weld spatter on it. This was not weld spatter from Bronson, he does an excellent job of cleaning up his work. Rather, it was weld spatter from when the frame was put together at the factory. I don't typically get hung up on a bit of weld spatter, but there was so much of it on this frame that I took the time to remove it. The frame and associated parts are loaded up in the bed of my pickup ready for the trip to the powder coater.

My wheels have been apart for a while, but I had not done a final clean-up on them. I gave them another degreaser bath tonight. I also cleaned up a few additional parts I'll have powder coated (though I have no immediate use for the parts).

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