Gregory Bender

2016 January 31: Triple tree, oil pressure relief valve, etc (4.50 hours)


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I installed a new cam thrust plate to replace the worn original.

I greased new bearings for the steering stem and installed it, adjusting bearing tension appropriately. I lightly coated the inside of the frame tube with grease to protect from corrosion.

I installed the upper and lower triple trees, but will need to fully tighten both nuts when the forks are in place and the fork lock slot is in its correct position.

I resecured the original VIN tag in place with new drive nails of the correct original size.

I fully cleaned the interior of the oil pressure relief valve. I dressed the valve mating surfaces with valve grinding paste. Doing so increased static holding pressure from 0 PSI to 50 PSI. The static holding pressure is how much air pressure the valve will hold before leaking it off. This happens before the valve opens and reflects the condition of the sealing surface. I set the blow off pressure to 65 PSI (up from 40 PSI beforehand). To be certain, I was very impressed with the improvements.

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