Gregory Bender

2013 June 08: More transmission work, begin engine assembly (3.50 hours)


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I had plans to finish assembling the transmission this morning. After finalizing the placement of the internal shafts, shift forks, and shift mechanism, I proceeded to tear the rear cover gasket. With that ruined, I resealed and installed the neutral indicator switch and then turned my attention to the engine.

Like with the transmission, I started by using taps to chase all of the threads in the engine case and timing chest cover. It sounds quick and easy. While it is not difficult work, it is time consuming to do it carefully and properly. Fortunately, all of the threads are in great shape. The threads that secure the generator bracket in place had already been enlarged from 8 mm × 1.25 mm to 38 inch × 16. I believe those threads remain plenty strong. I've ordered new studs which I will Loctite in place. I also ordered all new studs for securing the transmission to the bellhousing.

I reinstalled a cylinder stud that turned out from the bock when I was removing the cylinder head (12 o'clock stud on the left cylinder). I used blue Loctite to secure it in place.

I thoroughly rinsed the engine case to ensure that all aluminum particles were washed clean.

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