Gregory Bender

2014 March 26: Clean up metal sealing ring for layshaft seal (30 minutes)


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There was a little rust spot on the metal sealing ring upon which the seal for the layshaft runs. Of course, this surface must be in good shape in order for the seal to do its job properly. The rust didn't look too deep or too bad (and finding replacements that don't share the same problem is challenging, to say the least). So, I decided to clean up the surface and see If I could make it work well. Not having a lathe, I cobbled together an arbor for my drill press using a combination of a long bolt, a bearing driver of close to the correct diameter, large flat washers, and a nut to sandwhich everything together. Then I chucked the exposed end of the bolt in my drill press and let it spin while I used sandpaper to slowly remove the needed material until the rust spot and pitting was all gone. Finally, I polished it up with fine grit sandpaper and finally a ScotchBrite pad. I think it will work very nicely.

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