Gregory Bender

2013 April 13: Start on fork assembly, rebuild distributor (3.50 hours)


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The new fork tubes and bushings arrived in the mail on Friday and I was excited to get the forks fully assembled on Saturday. I started by thoroughly cleaning the new forks to rid them of the protective oily coating put on by the manufacturer. The upper and lower bushings fit nicely. But, I encountered some issues with the threads: all four of the bolts that screw into either end of the fork tubes got quite tight after a few threads. Rather than push forward and destroy anything, I decided to put these aside for now.

Instead, I spent my time fully assemblying the distributor using new stainless steel fasteners throughout, a fresh O-ring, new replacement felt for the shaft, shimmed the shaft using additional shims (two 0.3 mm and one 0.2 mm), and new ignition points and condensor. I need a new distributor cap and rotor, but everything else is ready to go.

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