Gregory Bender

2007 February 04: :



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One of the coldest days so far this winter, but I managed to convince myself to go out to the shop, build a fire in the wood stove and get something done. Put a good coat of wax on the center stand, triple clamp, top plate and handlebar risers. Drilled out the steering lock after checking every Neiman key I have and finding none that worked. Good thing I found that new lock with key in some saddlebags that I bought a while back! Had a few new rivets, washers and springs in my stash, reused the cover. Once the new lock was in, I installed the steering head bearing outer races, packed the inners with grease, packed the steering head tube with a bit of grease as well and assembled the steering head. Making slow progress...

Photo courtesy of Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle.

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