Gregory Bender

2007 December 14: :



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Got out for another short test ride this afternoon. Only 28 miles on some local back roads then home but very enjoyable anyway. Seems to run better every mile - I'm really looking forward to some overnight trips in the spring. Found that the rear shocks were cranked up to their highest preload setting, so dialed that down to the lowest and the clunk noise went away. Rides better too. The front brakes don't seem to be improving, so I'll be pulling the wheel and installing the best brake shoes that I bought from Mark @ Moto Guzzi Classics. A small leak has appeared at the clutch throwout bearing area on the rear of the transmission - the likely source is the O-ring on the outer body. Might have to pull the clutch arm and outer body to replace the o-ring, could have damaged it during installation.

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