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2008 March 03: :



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Weatherman was mostly correct - he got the temperature and clear skies right, but the wind was definitely more than the 5-10 MPH predicted. A few strong gusts while running into a headwind made me think even more seriously about fitting a windshield or fairing. Since I have a nice Guzzi polizia fairing shell, that's what I plan to use. You can't beat the protection it provides and I like the looks (although some folks think they're ugly). I'll have it painted white with black stripes to match the very nice pair of Wixom saddlebags I bought recently. The black bike - white fairing and bags will look pretty good I think, just can't bear the thought of covering such nice original paint (gel-coat?) on the bags.

Other than the wind, the day was extremely enjoyable, reminding me why I went to all of the trouble to resurrect yet another basket case Ambo. There's just nothing like a good running Loop on a winding country back road, enjoying the warm air and listening to the rumble of the exhaust and ticking of the valves. I followed the Shenandoah River south from Harpers Ferry, crossed at Morgan Ford, headed west to Strasburg and lunch, then back northward home. Only 150 miles total, but a very relaxing day.

The new shocks work well, swallowing up most everything and keeping the rear end firmly planted. The springs I chose are a good match for the front springs too - no hobby horsing at all. The low-end response was just fine today, so I guess it just doesn't like cooler temps. Once the fairing, bags and some auxiliary lighting are installed, we'll be ready for some serious riding!

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