Gregory Bender

2008 April 13: :



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Went for a nice afternoon ride yesterday and on the way home, one of the new rear brake springs I installed less than 1k miles ago, broke at the bend. So, today I put the bike up on the Loop Lifter and pulled the wheel off to fix that. Decided while I'm in there, I'd go ahead and install the Moto Guzzi Classics Best brake shoes. Mounted the shoes to the backing plate, measured the outer diameter and compared that to the inner diameter of the drum. It was only 0.032 inch difference, so I didn't arc the shoes, but just went ahead and reinstalled the wheel. Once that was done, I still had time, so I went ahead and installed the same great shoes in the front. Again, no arcing necessary, just swap the shoes, reassemble, then adjust the linkage. No time to try them out and by now it had started to rain again.

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