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2007 March 10: :



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Four-speed Fun is the theme for today. Didn't get the shift drum shimming needed determined until today so reassembly isn't going according to plan (what does?). Once I figure out the shims needed though, I started on reassembly. I hadn't really looked the individual gears and shafts over very well, just a cursory inspection. So, it was no real surprise when I found the layshaft had some light scoring where fourth gear runs on it. Hoping to find one in slightly better condition, I went out to the shed and pulled the box of transmission internals that were from a crashed early Ambo. That should have been a clue to inspect everything even more thoroughly, but it wasn't until I had the trans. almost completely buttoned up that I noticed the layshaft was bent where the u-joint slips on. Damn! Pull it back apart and go out to the shed again for a mostly assembled trans. to pull the shaft from. Open that one up and find this:

Photo courtesy of Charlie Mullendore of Antietam Classic Cycle.

It's an early V700 box with all straight-cut gears and square shift pawls! Rather strange since it had the later rear cover with it's 22 mm clutch throwout bearing. Okay, put that one back together and go get another one. This one is pretty early too, having a straight-cut first gear, but the rest helical-cut, 22 mm throwout bearing too - WTH? No biggie - I can swap first gears and be good-to-go. But now the shimming is a bit off - more are needed at the front of drum or the shift forks bind. Arrg!! Fed up, I quit for the night.

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